Nótt | a post-apocalyptic dystopian fiction 
Immersed in darkness for 20 years now. Most humans couldn’t or wouldn’t survive. For those who remain, life is a constant struggle. They form autonomous groups living in obscurity. They place their hopes in the ancient myths and ceremonies to call for the return of the sun.

The night allowed us this abyssal plunge into another world, to renew our bonds with nature, to feel our vulnerability and our true place in the mountains. In the midst of this secret conversation, I wondered if the wide angle of our vision wasn't another obstacle, holding us from entering the heart of the practice.
With nothing else to fill our minds during this descent, where commitment and improvisation were total, the images are here to witness this beautiful experience.
Nocta #3​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Selected press releases: 

L'EQUIPE ADRENALINE - Une magnifique sortie freeride nocturne dans les couloirs des Dolomites
L'EQUIPE ADRENALINE - Des images féériques de la descente de la Vallée blanche en pleine nuit
L'EQUIPE ADRENALINE - Une superbe sortie nocturne a Chamonix
TETON GRAVITY RESEARCH - One night, and one run down one of Chamonix’s most famous lines
OUTSIDE TV - Night skiing in Chamonix
FREESKIER - NOCTA Project #2 illuminates the forests of Chamonix
TETON GRAVITY RESEARCH - Greet Monday with some Chamonix night skiing 
SKIPASS - Yucca films presente NOCTA